The history of Team-beyond

He who is not courageous enough to take risks
will accomplish nothing in life.
Muhammad Ali

The prize-winning photographer Morten Rygaard has photographed ski and snowboarding since 1987 but after a meeting in 2003 with filmmaker Danny Bulthé and the two extreme snowboarders, Tim Beeckmans and Tobi Hechl, the four passionate snow enthusiasts decided to push the limit in ski and snowboarding and started Team-Beyond. Only the best and most dedicated athletes have been accepted as team members. The team has since created their own agenda in the ski and snowboard world and is already leaving their footprint in the history of the sport.

Once a Team-Beyond member always a team-beyond member – I think I’ll always be a Team-beyond member in my heart.
Lisbeth Lund Jensen

We are very proud of have had these fantastic riders as a part of Team-beyond’s history.

1 Eric Bruvier  EB
2 Franz Lechner  FL
3 Christian Shaun Eder  CE
4 Maximilian Werner  MW
5 Michaël De Winter  MDW
6 Michael Werlberger  MW1
7 Wawa Tyszkiewicz  WT
8 Lisbeth Lund Jensen LLJ
9 Gean Reauting  GR
10 Florian Hasenauer FH1
11 Florian Handschuh FH
12 Matthias Handschuh MH
13 Sarah Jane Phillips  SJP
14 Nicolas Schwaiger NS
15 Florian Schneider FS