At Team-Beyond we prefer to think of our sponsors as partners, and we are proud to say that our partners are a huge part of our success.
Team-beyond strive to give our partner’s brands and ideas maximal exposure and we offer world class photographic PR-material tailored at your needs to further maximize the visibility of your company. We can also effectively assist your company with development of products in the snow world.
Team-beyond has sponsorships that suit companies in all sizes.
We constantly seek better ways to operate in close partnership with innovative partners on long term basis and we are always interested in discussing new possibilities and concepts.
Team-beyond aims to create an environment for success with noticeable results for both parties.
You can read more about the opportunities for a partnership on this site, but we prefer to meet in person, so that we can work out the best possible arrangement for your company.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it”
Alan Kay computer scientist

The driving force behind this team is adventure. It is the urge and the curiosity to investigate what lies within the unknown. We challenge and break boundaries, constantly creating our own agenda within the world of skiing and snowboard - we work within the range from known to unknown and from possible to impossible and we do this with passion, determination and commitment to our business partners.
We work on going beyond the limits of what is thought to be possible and the exposure of Team-beyond is actively used by our partners together with the advantage of the connection to Team-beyond's values and merits.

• To be the most influential trendsetter within the world of ski and snowboard and to set the future agenda for skiing and snowboard.
• Each year to do 3 things that have never been done before in the snowboard and ski world.
• To go to the extreme and beyond.
• To open the eyes of the ski and snowboard world for new dreams, new adventures and new explorations.
• To make amazing movies and astounding ski and snowboard photos that will shock and surprise the ski and snowboard world.

“Professional teams go to the limit…
We go beyond”
Team Beyond